Monday, September 2, 2013

She's Hot. But How Hot?

Meet a girl. She's hot. But how hot?

That's hot. But it's not all about looks. I need to learn more about her. Ask her if she likes football.
"I'll watch it. Especially if you're into it I'll watch it with you. I'll root for whatever team you root for."

Daaaaaaamn, that's hot.
"I'll probably be asking you a lot about it as we watch though."

Oh........ Well at least you'll watch it with me.
"Yeah, though I might not be paying a lot of attention. I'd probably be making snacks and stuff."

"Do you like nachos?"

"How about pizza?"

"Oh and what's your favorite beer? I like having a variety when I'm eating snacks so there's lots to choose from. I mean, that's how you do football right?"

Marry me.
Nothing. I said that's amazing. Yes I love those foods.You eat them too?
"Well, not so much. I am trying to watch my wait."

Oh's spelled weight.
"Eh, whatever." what do you like for TV and movies?
"Oh I love comedy!"

"Yes, I really appreciate a good laugh!"

That's good to hear.
"Like anything by Tyler Perry. Gold."

"Yeah and Larry The Cable Guy...he cracks me up."

Ummm...what do you think about Seinfeld?
"I don't like that show."

Why not?
"I don't get it."

Don't get it?! It's not a Bob Dylan song, it's Seinfeld! Ugh! And to think I was gonna let you make me nachos!
"Here's my boobs by the way. Thought I should just take my shirt off for awhile."

I guess once I laughed at a Larry The Cable Guy commercial...maybe...

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