Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh, You Didn't Know I Do Recipes Too?

Yeah! I do recipes! Follow along...

Take “The Golden Girls”. Keep the only cast member still alive. Season with Time. About 2 decades worth. Add to pot.

Take “Just Shoot Me”. Keep the one character that is apparently “the hot one”. Marinate in just 1 decade of Time. Add to pot.

Take “Frasier”. Get rid of anyone with the last name Crane. Also Gilpin (oh you don’t know the actress who plays Roz is named Peri Gilpin? Imdb fool!) Oh also get rid of the dog. Add your remains to a bag you have lined with a decade of Time...but now use Time that will not been friendly. Add to the pot.

Take Valerie Bertinelli. Add to pot. (Sorry there’s no clever way to refer to one knows what the fuck she is actually from.)

Turn the heat up until this shit apparently gets “Hot”.

Pour into Cleveland. old people...and people who will apparently laugh at any lazily drawn up humor.

And that, my friends, is how you make “Hot In Cleveland”.

BOOM to all those writers making way more money than me!


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