Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wham! A Sweet Parking Spot!

Drove into work today. Seemed like any other day. But little did I know it would turn out special-er than Unicorn Farts. Drove into our parking garage and as I turned the first corner someone began to pull out of one of the Reserved Spaces. They seemed to not see me at first but then realized I was nearing them so they stopped to let me by.

Now normally what do you do?

You live in LA...Oh OK so you take them stepping on their brakes as a sign of weakness, speed by them muttering something about them being an idiot driver for no reason at all...just because they were kind of near you at one point.

Why do so many drivers, especially in LA, do this? Why must the person be an idiot? I try not to be this way but most times I will still speed by because I always like to go first and get the "right of way" while driving. I don't know why, I always drive like that. For whatever reason I decided...I'll brake. I'll wave them on and I'll let them go by first.

I'm assuming it's one of the big-wigs, one of the head cheeses, one of the boss men, head honcho, chief of the tribe, captain of the ship, other stupid terms for people who work in offices and make a lot of money and have many people working below them. The person is pulling out of a Reserved Space, those are only for those people. Turns out it's not. It's a friend I work with. She backs up, sees it's me and pulls up next to me rolling her window down. (Well, she didn't roll her window down, she pushed a button that made it go down because we aren't cavemen anymore and this is 2013.)

I roll my window down and she says hi and thanks for letting her out, then notifies me that it looked like a Reserved Space but it wasn't...instead a regular space any commonfolk like me can use and it's just right next to all the Reserved Spaces...and it's a killer spot! She tells me to take it since she's leaving for lunch. I pull into the spot, happy I don't have to keep driving up and up the garage looking for a spot, the most tedious and angering of LA Tasks. As I pull in, "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" comes on! What?! Have the Gods (or giant meteors crashing into each other, depending on your views) smiled upon me?

So, here's the skinny folks. The reason I've shared this with you. You'll hear it a thousand times, and guess're gonna hear it again! Be nice and you'll have a nice life. I was kind on the road, a rarity here, and I got a killer parking spot and Wham! descended into my life. Yes I waited in my car until the song was done...yes I had a short walk into the office from my Almost-Executive-Parking-Spot...yes I'm in a great mood and still have the song playing in my head hours later. Let it be a lesson to you. Be Kind, Bitches!

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