Monday, February 18, 2013

Blood City - Episode 4

It's been quite some time since we saw what was going on in Blood City. If you need a recap revisit Episodes 1-3. If you need quick notes...Princess Una Mae kidnapped, Zaron sets off to find her in order to collect some prize money, kills some goons who had been keeping her, grabs her, is driving her to safety, is rammed off the road by a drunk car thief and also murgolated by that same car thief (which is a form of murder that is just the worst!) and now this drunk car thief has Princess Una Mae.

Just a regular day in Blood City. And here the Drunk Car Thief, Randy, is with Una Mae tied up in the trunk. He notices he has rammed this car off the road right by a gas station.

Thumbs up! Should I go in for Doritos and a Mountain Dew?!

No time for that! He forgot, in Blood City when a car crash is heard, it is only minutes before all the delinquents in town show up in hopes to loot the wreckage. Here they all are, even that one guy with a huge head! And they have noticed the Princess! Flyers have been put up all over town promoting the cash monies reward that will be received if she is returned safely.

The fastest of the group is the first to challenge Randy. He's clearly looking for a fight to the death. Winner take hostage!

Thumbs up again! How is Randy staying so cool?

Especially under these heated circumstances...

Yo Billy Joel! I figured out who started the fire! Toasty!

Oh no! Now some weird blobbish figure is challenging Randy. Waddling menacingly towards him!

Randy sees this as a perfect time for a brew. Or does he?

Ah, quick thinking. What can a lazy blobbish figure not turn down? Beer! As Randy force feeds the blob, he lowers his inhibitions along with his fight skills. No use even bothering to set that fool on fire. Homey's BAC is almost 100% and he's just gonna get trampled by that mob of derelicts anyway.

Melvin, a rivaling drunk thief to Randy, shows up looking mean as all hell. "You may be lightin fires to average bad guys and gettin other blobby dudes too crunk to fight, but you're gonna have to try a little harder to stop a professional criminal like me!"

Melvin was right. Randy picks up the arrow-shaped sword weapon-thing Zaron had wielded against him minutes ago (or 9 months ago if you actually follow my blog and remember the last time I did one of these) that was just laying next to his lifeless body.

He heaves it into the air! Changing the color of the sky and the weapon.....for some reason...

Look at that weapon soar through the sky! Did I mention Randy used to toss a mean javelin in high school? That is, of course, before he picked up the booze. But he obviously still has the talent lying within him. They say throwing a javelin, it's just like riding's just like um......throwing a long, narrow, pointy thing. Yeah.

Anyway...head shot! And the weapon changed colors again! More suitably now to the color of BLOOD! Melvin's ex-wife may now officially call him a dead beat and not a soul can argue this fact. Because he's actually dead. And did we mention his last name earlier?

You guessed it...Beat. Man, that headstone got put in quickly.

Oh no! A Luchador! Charging Randy...straight outta nowhere! This fool has totally caught Randy off guard!

What will Randy do?! Unarmed, unprepared, un...ready! And no time to react. I guess you will have to tune in for the next and possibly final chapter of.....Blood City! So, the next one will be part 5? Yeah, that sounds right. 5 parts, that's like how the Fast And Furious movies do it. Oh wait there's more? Well, there doesn't need to be. I'm not even sure there needs to be any! Regardless, there's at least one more chapter to the Blood City Saga.

Chris Perez...................The Drunk Thief
Mike Segreti.................Fastest Delinquent
Kevin Hinman..............Blobbish Figure (Wait, wasn't this Kevin guy already a different character?)
Chad Porter...................Melvin
Stephen Avitabile..........Luchador (Wait, I think this Stephen guy was too...)

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