Monday, January 28, 2013

Um, 1 Adult And 50 Children's Tickets To See Hotel Transylvania Please!

This past weekend I was invited to go to a screening/press event of Hotel Transylvania at the Aero Theater. I had already seen the movie once and enjoyed it, and since I'm not one to turn down free movies, food and events, I thought I'd go watch it again! I really did enjoy the movie the first time I watched it but it was a lot more enjoyable watching it in a theater full of plenty of kids. I know a lot of adults probably think I'm being extremely sarcastic but I'm not. It's great to see what scenes the kids are laughing at and how hard they are laughing at certain jokes, compared to what adults find most funny in this movie. Not that I was a prime specimen for the "adult category" considering I laughed almost identically throughout the movie as the 50 or so 6 year olds...but I observed the adults around me as well. It also made me realize how when I always say, "Yeah I get enjoyment out of these kids movies too, as long as they have stuff for the adults" that I'm being completely false. I laugh at all the kids jokes just as much. Kid at heart I guess.

It was a great event they put on. They did caricatures of people. They showcased some features on the Facebook Page you can get to by clicking here which included something called Monsterize Me. A little program in which you can take a picture of yourself and then turn yourself into a monster of your choosing and add some other graphics to the background if you wish. I believe the girl who showed me how to use it turned me into a mummy, which covered up my face...I'd recommend picking a different monster if you are as vain as me and want to keep your face in the shot. The other feature I saw on there was called Social Game and actually looked like a lot of fun, a game in which you are Dracula running the hotel and have guests come in and you have to attend to all their needs each day and take care of things in the hotel. I guess the Applebee's waiter in me finds that appealing...but really it looked genuinely fun. Oh and did I mention I got free food? Put on by Street Food Cinema, one of the trucks was the Grilled Cheese Truck. Yeah, I got me a Cheesy Mavis (named for the event) and I got a spork for it but I don't know why. But I loved the sandwich.

After the screening they did a Q&A with the director Genndy Tartakovsky (who was behind Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and a lot of other cartoons), Becky G (who did the main song for the movie "Problem The Monster Remix") and Michelle Murdocca who was one of the producers. Michelle actually mentioned something that was really interesting, that this movie took over 10 years from the very start to the finish. Apparently it had been a very rough idea about a decade ago, and after lots of time they spent finding the right people to work on the movie, they finally got the wheels in a higher gear so to speak. They weren't always sure who the main character was going to be they mentioned, but once they figured out they wanted it to be Dracula and that he was running this hotel it all started to come together for them. They always knew they wanted to use all the classic monster movie monsters, but weren't always sure in what capacity.

Genndy talked about a lot of interesting aspects of the movie. How a lot of the monsters they wanted to be portrayed as easy-going, maybe more subdued, either by a wife (Frankenstein by his wife) or by their kids (The Wolfman worn down and not really respected by his giant litter of pups) and they wanted to show them this way so you get that, "Hey, they're not all bad." Also, he brought up an interesting little nugget that at one point, Jonathan (voiced by Andy Samberg) pulls out his scooter and starts riding around on it, and there is a Dexter's Laboratory sticker on it that you can probably only see for one frame. I've watched the movie twice now and haven't seen it yet but I'll keep a lookout the next time I'm viewing it. But that's some pretty darn cool homage to some of his old stuff, I think.

All in all, it was a fun event! I didn't get my caricature done but only because I hate lines and my meter was almost up for my car and I don't have the luxury of being a kid anymore and not having responsibilities. Sad. But all the kids seemed to have a good time. A lot of them seemed pretty pumped to meet Becky G. To be honest, I was pretty impressed that she is 15 and has already accomplished so much. Kind of put me to shame, she can't even drive and I bet she could buy like 4 brand new cars with her cashflow. I'm still working on paying off my 09 Nissan Vera. Almost though! This year! But not to stray too far from the subject...thanks Sony! Invite me back for any more events with awesome mean movies! I love them!


  1. I really liked this movie, too. And that's so cool that the Grilled Cheese Truck was there!

  2. Yeah, it was just for this event. I felt so special!