Friday, December 21, 2012

My Date With Milla Jovovich

It's a blog post published on December 21st 2012 and it's NOT about the end of the world?! Yeah, I hope you guys aren't looking for that cause I'm not talking about that. It's not happening. I realized looking back, I was so confident it wouldn't happen I should have bet on it. Either way, it's the safest bet you could make. "I bet you $100 the world won't end on the 21st." Either you get your money, or by some chance you lose but you don't have to worry about paying up. But this isn't what we're talking about here! Although, briefly Milla Jovovich did give her answer to a fan who asked if she thought the world would end as the Mayans predicted it. Her answer was basically...even if it did she'd just be hanging out with good company eating good food so it'd be fine, but that she didn't think it would be ending.

That's a perfect example of how laid back and nice she was in this live chat show I got to join in with her. Most of the movies I know her from are the Resident Evil movies or The Fifth Element, movies such as that where she plays a very strong character. Or just a very strong personality of a character. It was great to see how she was in normal life since I don't think I'd ever seen an interview with her. Not that I thought she'd be all Alice from Resident Evil, guns at her hips, mean-mugging, black latex outfit (maybe I hoped for that last one) but she was so opposite that. She was laughing a lot, she was very funny and charming and was actually quite inspirational at times. I don't know if this is a quote from someone else, but I don't care because it came out of her so naturally and organically, but she said to one guy (and everyone) "Who are you when no one's looking?" It was at the tail end of talking about doing what you like and what keeps you interested and things in that nature. But I really liked that last part. I guess it's time for me to be really weird in public, if I am to be that person when no one is looking all the time!

Anyway, this live chat show was promoting the video release of the newest of the Resident Evil movies, Resident Evil: Retribution. My cam showed up on the feed somewhere in the middle of the show and she immediately greeted me and asked me who I was and where I was. I told her my name and that I was in Los Angeles (and dropped the name of my blog, Kaboom!) and she was instantly taken aback. She told me she really thought I was about to start speaking Spanish. I ended up laughing pretty hard since I was so surprised by that comment, very few times has someone looked at me and thought I'd speak Spanish (my Spanish teacher, girls I told I spoke Spanish to impress them, that's about it). I asked her why and she went on to explain, and I wish I had the video to prove this, hopefully I'll get it soon and I can put it up here. But she told me, she wasn't quite sure, maybe it was because she saw a tall, dark, handsome man and he just looked like he might speak Spanish. Yeah, I got to do a live chat with Milla Jovovich  and she called ME handsome.

Check it out, I do look a little Latin I suppose. I used to lie and tell people I was part Argentinian so maybe I passed for that in Milla's eyes. And as for handsome, I don't know, you're looking at the same feed she was looking at. Her husband was right there in the room (off camera) but I hope it didn't hurt his ego too much. He wins, he goes home with her every night. I get complimented by her in front of thousands of people all over the world. (In my world that's still winning though.)

Oh, there we go. That's the face she saw that made her decide to use the word "handsome". It's my sexy-face. Anyway, after we had a good laugh, and I tried to collect myself and pull my jaw back up into the non-shocked-human range, I asked her my question. I was most curious that since most of the Resident Evil movies were a few years apart and she did a couple projects in between each if it was ever hard for her to get back into the role of Alice. If there were any breaks in between movies that proved to be more difficult. And since she's a professional, her answer is basically that, once taking the amount of time necessary to prep oneself you can get back into the character. Though she did admit that sometimes after spending months away from a project once it's completed filming and she has to come back to do voice work...that can be difficult. She even did an example of a line she might say in the movie a few times, the process of trying to get it right. Saying it first as Milla, trying it again as the mother of her children, still not getting it, then finally.....Yes. She did the Alice voice for me. Which was pretty fun to hear a line spoken by her, twice with little meaning because of how it was spoken. And then a third time, perfectly done as Alice, and it had all that much more impact.

Anywho, the show was great. I had a lot of fun. I sincerely did feel honored to be able to ask this amazing and successful actress a question and get such an honest answer from her. And it was great seeing her interact with all the other fans from all over the world and hearing her responses to them. And let's not forget, she called me handsome. That's really all I needed for Christmas. Thank you Milla Jovovich. Sorry I didn't get you anything. But if I might try're very lady-handsome...or beautiful as I've heard it called in some circles. Merry Christmas to you and to Sony as well! Thanks for letting me hop in this show. Alright, time to head to work and brag about my new girlfriend...

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