Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friends All-Star Team

Imagine if there was like a Greatest Hits of Friends. Or better yet, an All-Star Team for Friends. It would go a little something like this.

Season 2 Chandler when he was at his funniest.

Season 5 Ross when he was at his funniest, due to that time of his life he was at his craziest.

Season 4 Monica when she was at her hottest, also she’s naked the entire time.

Season 1 Rachel at her hottest, also gets to be perma-naked.

Season 9 Phoebe when she got to her hottest. What is she like a wine? Gets better with age? So weird, the other two were hotter when younger but she was the opposite. Oh also she’s naked because duh, she’s a girl.

And Joey from any season because I really don’t think he has a best or worst season.


I don’t know, Gunther from Season 1 when he was only an extra. Because that’s funny.

Carol from the first episode she was in because she was that one actress then they got rid of her for the less attractive one. And don’t think that I’m gross when I say, also naked, because she had only just found out she was pregnant and she wasn’t even close to showing yet so it isn’t sick!

And Paul Rudd from the finale because he too gets better with age.

Done. My All-Star Team has been assembled. This seems to be problematic that my brain thinks of these things. I think it’s a direct result of seeing too much Friends and seeing Not Enough Naked Ladies In My Bedroom. Naked Ladies - please help. Bring your box set of all the Friends episodes too.

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