Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tips For All Screenwriters

Sure, I've never sold a script. But that doesn't mean I can't help you. We can all help each other write scripts, no matter how much experience we have.

Here are some basic tips for ALL SCREENWRITERS.

- If your script is NOT about any kind of storm, immediately discard any lines of dialogue reading "Storm's coming." Because guess what, no it's not.

- If your bad guy is pointing a gun at someone, make him pull the trigger. Guess what real bad guys never do with a loaded gun in their hand. Give a poetic monologue about where the rockets are.

- Don't write a part suitable for Paul Walker. This way, we'll stop seeing him in things. (Don't worry, he'll most likely find a way to muscle his blank stare in anyway
and there's nothing you can do about it.)

- Work on some awesome original material so I can stop seeing movies that are reboots, remakes, redo's, remixes and titles ending with numbers. Seriously, I'm all sequeled and re'd out. Do your part. Help end the madness.


- If any of your young characters ever say "What gives?" trust me as a younger person, we don't say that anymore. Don't even just delete that from your saved draft. Print out that page. Cut out that line of dialogue with scissors. And then proceed to burn it in a fire. That way you'll learn to never do it again. (I honestly heard that in a movie that came out within the last year.)

- Yes the kids are still going to "the rock shows" no it's nothing you've ever heard of, so don't try to write "cool, young, hip lyrics"

- Following that last tip, "hip" "hippie" and "hipster" are all different things. Cannot be used interchangeably.

And finally here are some basic tips for TYLER PERRY

- Don't put your name on everything. No one cares if it's Tyler Perry's Act One or Tyler Perry's Climax or Tyler Perry's Expositional Dialogue.

- Following that last tip, exposition, it's not like money and the more of it there is the better things are. When people sit around and talk with their friends in real life, they usually don't recap their exact professions and when it was they all started working at these professions and how good of friends they all have been since 1989. And if they do...they're not exciting enough to make a movie about.

- Maybe every protagonist in your script shouldn't be white or gay or both. Try to open up your audience appeal. You can reach more demographics and more people all over the country will enjoy your movies. Currently, a map showing where Tyler Perry movies make the most money looks like this. (Red being the areas of highest revenue, then in descending order the colors proceed as orange, light orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, aqua, light blue, dark blue, indigo, purple, and black.)

- And finally, if Tyler Perry wanted to ignore all the above tips, that's fine. So long as he follows this next tip. Don't write screenplays.

Well, that felt helpful. I really want to help everyone better their skills and maybe people will be kind enough to help me better my skills. I'm not the best screenwriter and maybe I don't know what sells in Atlanta but only in Atlanta, but I got some good tips, you guys!

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