Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beyond The Twilight Zone: Rocawear Edition

Some hip-looking dude smothered in Rocawear just made a contingency plan joke. Where the hell am I?! The Twilight Zone Blog just took at my blog and went, "What the fuck dude? That's fucked up." Are you serious, man? You look so cool and slightly intimidating with your confidence that circles around you mysteriously. You look like someone that if you made fun of me in front of a large group of people and they all laughed I'd just agree as well in order to avoid looking stupid. And here you are in Starbuck's making contingency plan jokes. To me. And some old guy, who apparently gets your joke.

I'll be honest, I don't know at all what a contingency plan is...but neither should anyone wearing that much Rocawear. Even the guy who wears the most Rocawear, Mr. Jay-Z himself, a smart guy, has not yet released a song starting with, "Hov! Dynasty! The Roc! Contingency Plans, ya'mean?" Because what the fuck is that song about and who would listen to it?

So, Young Steve The King just looked it up. I realize now, I've heard of contingency plans and just didn't realize this is what they were called. Instead of trying to redefine it, I'll give you the best example I know of. If a company needs to send many important employees somewhere on business and they all need to fly there, imagine if the plane that they were all on crashed. First off, that would be horrible regardless of who's on it, but the company would then be in dire straits. They would have lost many employees that are of extreme importance because of one crash. So, companies sometimes have contingency plans that make it so that if many important employees are all traveling to one given location they must take separate planes, so that in the event of a disaster, the company is not so horribly off.

OK. Here's how hip-cat used it. Setup: We were at Starbuck's and there was a long line. Roca-Face - "Man, when I see long lines like that know what words come to my mind? Contingency Plan."

I don't know, maybe I'm an idiot, but I still don't get it. Not that it always has to apply to flying...but how does it apply here? Also, even if he did use it correctly and cleverly and I'm the idiot in this story thus far, he then commented on my sugar intake. Mind your own business, dude! So, he still sucks. Wrapping closing...I hate that guy.

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  1. ok Steve-o I'm going to take a shot at it.. So the morning after pill is a common example of a contigency plan, aka Plan B. So maybe he was punning the word "lines", like blowing a line, and then hooking up with a chick, then requiring a contingency plan the next morning? In which case he would be implying that he does drugs, he's a player, and he's a liberal Californian that believes in the morning after pill. But he's wearing Roca and all cool and confident so he doesn't care that other people know this about him. Possibility?!