Monday, August 20, 2012

Poor Leonardo Nam

Poor Leonardo Nam. You most likely read that first sentence and go, "Who?" I would have too if someone mentioned this guy's name to me yesterday. Leonardo Nam is an actor, and he's appeared in several movies and TV shows you've probably seen. He's Just Not That Into You, Vantage Point, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 1 & 2 (it's OK if you haven't seen those or have blocked them from your memory and everyone who has anything to do with them), The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift, CSI, and Franklin & Bash to name a few. So, why don't you know him?

Well, for one I'm pretty certain he wasn't the main character in any of those movies or TV shows. Secondly, say you did like this guy's performance in something, and waited for the credits and got his name and looked him up on IMDB, you know what happens? You start typing Leonardo and before you get to Nam you know what shows up first? Leonardo (Fucking) DiCaprio. And what happens when you see that guy's name? Exactly what should happen, you decide to click on that instead of doing whatever it is you had previously intended on doing. What's Leo up to now? Doesn't he have like 3 movies coming out? Did he really do The Departed and Blood Diamond the same year? He's so amazing. What was his character's name in the kick ass movie of Inception? What was I doing before? I don't know but now I'm laughing because I've rediscovered that Leo was on Growing Pains and Roseanne and I'm having a grand time!

OK maybe you aren't the person who goes straight to IMDB. Maybe you just Google him. Fair enough, you type in Leonardo, still Leonardo DiCaprio comes up first, but let's say you get to that N in Nam. Yes, now Leonardo Nam has shown up as your first suggestion but you can't help but notice that fourth suggestion. Leonardo Ninja Turtle! Oh fuck! The ninja turtles! That takes me back to when I was a wee tot and I spun around the living room with a sock over my eyes and a whiffle ball bat in my hands swinging at nothing and breaking all of mom's everything! Who did you like best? I liked Leonardo because he was the leader! But Michaelangelo was cool and so funny! Donatello was funny too, the brains of the group! Raphael...what do they say, was cool but rude? He had an attitude problem, but it was awesome! And he was weirdly the only one with a New York accent in the movies. Weird. Hey what was I doing before?

See it happened again! This guy can't get noticed with all the other famous Leonardo's stealing the spotlight! Da Vinci too! Argh! So, what's a Nam to do? This is where I come in. I, the much less famous and much less known person, am going to pull a publicity stunt for Mr. Nam who I honestly can't even recall in anything off hand. Why not? He seems like a cool guy...based off...nothing. I have a decent amount of people who regularly check my blog but lots of people stumble upon it when they are searching popular things. Like Shark Week. And 3 Boobed Girl In Total Recall. And Batman. And Lady Gaga. And is that nose real or was Lady Gaga truly Born That Way? And when those keywords are in my blog post, like they currently are, my blog shows up. And sometimes they click on it. And now they can learn about Leonardo Nam - extra special wicked cool guy. I mean, he's in some big movies, the guy's gotta be a decent actor at least. I've done my part, now time to go watch one of his movies. Oh, And Here's The Link To His IMDB. Boom!

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