Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Los Feliz Web Series Episode 7

I know, I know. At this point you've realized my favorite thing to do on a Wednesday is to tell you all about the newest episode of Los Feliz. And my favorite thing to do on a Tuesday is get Dollar-Twenty-Five-Fish-Tacos at Taco Tuesday Rubio's. It's cheap and tasty which is refreshing in this day and age plus it helps get me pumped for Los Feliz Wednesdays! Must be all the Pump Up Properties in the corn tortillas. The flour tortillas are like a delicious sedative.

Anyway, Episode 7 is out today. You should check it out, get caught up if you need to. As always I'll post a link below to all our episodes we have so far. In this episode...well shit is getting more and more intense. More intense than camping. And unless you camp like Bear Grylls, you know how In Tents camping is. There's some violence in this you may want to cover the kids' eyes if they're watching the computer with you. Most of it appears to be real but isn't (thanks to our great acting) and some of it is actually real. You should see if you can figure out which part is real. I'll give you a hint, it involved me. And I was struck over and over to assure there was a good take. I feel like we got it after 4 takes...but apparently 12 more were needed to be absolutely sure. But I'm a good sport about it. And I own enough lotion to smooth out the sore spots if need be.

The episodes have much more to offer than just violence...though we did kind of put the Rush Hour movies to shame with our hilarious action. Suck a man Jackie Chan, you ain't top dog of that world no more. Kidding, but seriously, check out the episode. I'm proud of it, it's a good one. And it was a lot of fun to film. Especially since every time I wanted something I told our producer Kevin Hinman, "The talent needs a (insert object to be retrieved here)". He never caught on that I was just being a dick. It was hysterical.

Episode 7 Here! And Previous Episodes If You Need Them!

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