Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Los Feliz Web Series Episode 6

Yes, yes it's true! Episode 6 of Los Feliz is here!

If you saw Episode 5 you would have noticed there were two new characters introduced. One of which is returning in this episode, and we even throw in ANOTHER new character! Shit's getting real hectic in Los Feliz (slightly over 50% filmed in Los Feliz). I liked this episode a lot. Filming it was fun. I got to work with some food, some poultry, I won't name the specifics, but it may be a piece of poultry that rhymes with lickin, which is what I was doing to my fingers since it was soooo good!

There was actually one scene where I am making a dish for myself, and grabbing some food, and we had to do the scene many, many times. Each time I wanted to eat the food. But I was not allowed to, not until we were done shooting the scene. Needed to keep the continuity of the scene correct. But the food looked and smelled so delicious it was so tough. Probably the hardest part of that scene, not even remembering the lines, just...not eating the food. I finally plowed into that feast when we finished filming, didn't even care that it was cold by that point, I just needed it.

Anyway, if you want to watch Episode 6 it is currently up. And if you need to catch up, as always, the past 5 episodes can be found on the website and on YouTube. I hope you enjoy!

Watch Episodes 1-6 Of Los Feliz Here Also See Me Man Handle A Chicken!

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