Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Los Feliz Web Series Episode 5

Hey Weiner-Havers and Boobie-Havers!

After a long break our show, Los Feliz, is back with Episode 5. I don't say this following statement just because it is the most recent episode, but I truly think this is our best episode yet! That might partially be due to the fact that it was the most recent episode we've filmed. We got our footing along the way and learned what were the best ways to do things, so naturally each next thing we shot got that much better. For secrets I can't tell you, episode 5 was put off to be shot much later. We shot basically everything from episodes 1-4 and 6-8 in 2 weeks in January. What we were going to shoot for Episode 5 didn't work out, so we had to take it on in a new approach. Which is what you can see today.

So, this episode was shot entirely within the past few weeks. And I really think that attributes to it being our best episode yet, plus that and it's a fucking awesome story. Excuse the language. Or don't. The word "fucking" will be on your screen regardless. And it needs to be. Fucking awesome, you guys. In addition, when you watch this episode, you might notice at the very end during the credits, that you will see my name appear twice! Yes, that is because in addition to playing Stanford I also did some sound work. I literally just learned what I needed to know the night before shooting. I give props to Kevin Hinman, he speed-taught me everything I know about sound. I was like a deaf man before this experience. If while watching it you notice there is one scene that is especially bad, in terms of audio, um...then that wasn't the scene I did. I did a different scene. One of the better ones.

But hopefully you don't notice anything like that, I didn't. It all seems to flow real well together. I'm real proud of this episode and the job everyone did on it. Also, if you look closely you may notice that Will Smith does a cameo in this episode. Wait, is it still a cameo if it's involuntary? Eh, whatever. Yes, he does a cameo! The Fresh Prince Of Los Feliz! Which is not all that far from Bel terms of....the entire world. So, check out our episode 5! Catch up first if you need to! And see if you can spot 1 Will Smith and 2 Stephen Avitabiles. That's right, I'm plural now bitches!

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