Saturday, June 16, 2012


My walk to Starbuck's.

First passed a man, and I use the word "man" loosely, who was dressed in quite a strange manner. Ballet slippers. Yup. Those show no support on sidewalks, yet he thought they were a good idea anyway. Lady's jean shorts. Yes, and he was on the hair side. Probably in the top 30th percentile of hairiest men in the U.S. Don't care to see even his shins let alone half of his thighs. Gray shirt the read, NACHOS. I would laugh at that shirt regardless. But what a guy-type shirt to wear with lady's clothes! Nachos are like the ultimate guy food. And this "guy's" shirt promotes them. Yet his bottom half promoted lady's dancing. I don't know where this guy was coming from or where he was headed. I'm pretty sure he didn't either. CONFUSING!

Then, I get to Starbuck's and outside sit two of the worst kind of people. Two girls, who are obviously extremely into drinking and partying and extremely not into the sun. They sat beneath the umbrellas, in total shade, and still decided placing their jackets over their heads like they were journeying through a desert, was a good idea! The sun is not touching you at all girls! That's the beauty of the umbrella! You do not need to wear Jacket-Turbans! Also, if you don't like the sun...sit inside! This particular Starbuck's happens to have way more seating inside! Like four times as much! And I went inside and there were plenty of spaces to sit in. No excuses for how dumb these girls are. And if that's not bad enough, let me get to the worst part. As I said, extremely into drinking and partying. How do I know this? The entire time I was there all I overheard them talking about was how hungover they currently were and about how hungover they've been past times. They were those types of people who need to out-do everyone else with how hungover they've been. "No, I'm the coolest because I've been more hungover than you!" I'm all for funny hangover stories, but I leave competition for actual physical sports and sweet ass board games. No one should be proud of being the sickest off of optional over-consumption of liquid. Dummy. Dummies, in fact. Because they were both that type of person. "Well, have you ever woken up in a dog house?" "Well have you ever woken up outside on a trampoline?" "Well have you ever woken up amidst three dudes and your underwear was on the TV?" "Well have you ever woken up in a dude's bed and you don't remember his name?" Hey, either of you two sluts ever wake up and realize your complete wastes of space and food and seats that I could be sitting in? Sorry if the word sluts seemed harsh, but here at SteveInevitable we (I) are looking to tell the truth, not make friends. Every story these girls told they got worse and worse, yet they thought it made themselves cooler and cooler. They don't understand what Cool is, that Cool keeps it's underwear on for at least 70% of it's life, and that Cool doesn't brag about being a sick, whorish train-wreck. ANNOYING!

On my way back home, walking with my coffee, I passed by an automatic gate I always pass by. I often see cars leaving the premises or entering and always see that the gate is automatic. It has sensors that activate the gate to open when something is in front of them. And to close when there is no longer something in front of them. There's always been this sign on the gate but I've never stopped to read it. Today I did. PLEASE KEEP GATE CLOSED. What? The gate that opens and closes itself? Who is this sign for? The automatic sensors? Why would you put this here if the people don't even control it? The automatic sensors can't read the sign...for they are not humans. Also, they do their job just fine. So, there is absolutely no need for this sign! Also, who was the moron trying to attach this sign that they made themselves, while the gate is opening and closing as they are approaching it? They had to have watched the gate close itself after attaching the sign to it and stepping away from it! Did they still think this sign was necessary?! STUPID!

I headed into my apartment and locked the door, keeping the outdoor elements away from me. It's safe inside.'s a mess. Just a maniacal frenzy of CONFUSING! ANNOYING! STUPID!

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  1. hahaha this is funny, yeah sometimes people it may be a man or a woman act so different... covering their faces because they are afraid of gettin burned! yet they still go out... hahaha... weird things really happens around the globe:) nice one Steve keep bloggin