Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog On A Vlog

Blog On A Vlog? It's like the Inception of Internet Shit!

No, really all this is, is me promoting more stuff to do with our web series, Los Feliz. Episode 4 came out 2 weeks ago, and we've had some time off. Episode 5 comes out next week, but in the meantime Bernard decided to put up a Vlog on the show. And there will be more to come. It's good because if you're a fan of the show you can ask questions on the Facebook Page or ask the Twitter Page or however you want to ask, and then you might get your question answered if you're lucky...via the vlog! Bernard already answered some questions on this one and talked about some other points he wanted to bring up.

And if you're a fan of my blog,
And check out his vlog,
And ask a question but he doesn't get to it on his vlog,
Then come back to my blog,
Whether or not you my dogg,
Ask me and I'll help to clear the fog (fog here is used as a metaphor for confusion, plus it's all rhymey).

Got it? We're all very willing to answer questions and listen to comments and what not. We just want you guys to watch the show and like it. So, whilst you wait for Episode 5 to rear it's beautiful head (can you really rear a head if it isn't ugly?) you should check out our first vlog.

Vlog Here Mate!

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