Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Los Feliz Web Series

Hey all!

In case you didn't already see, the first episode of the web series I'm in just came out today! I'm really proud of it and everyone worked really hard on it.

That sincere note being spoken...guess how many times Kevin Hinman flicked my nipples during production. A lot! You will see a scene in this episode, in which my nipples are never not hard. Due to the fact that in between each take, he flicked them. That's apparently part of the producers job, as he told me. He has to pay attention to details. Make sure there are no inconsistencies. It was apparently tougher on him than it was on he told me.

But it's like the say, you can't be a part of a successful production without getting a few sore nipples. Not sure why I was the only one, I guess Kevin just likes me best. Anyway, the show is called Los Feliz. It was created by Bernard Badion, my friend, co-worker, and roommate. Yes, we share lots. We also shared screen time, as he and I star as roommates and friends in this show. It wasn't much of a stretch, though I do have to play a character pretty different from myself. Why don't you give it a "Check-Out" (cool new slang I use) and let us know what you think of it. Again, this is the first episode. And there are more episodes to come. Thanks!

Episode 1 of Los Feliz Here

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