Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Los Feliz Web Series Episode 4

Hey everybody and their brothers!

Episode 4 of our show Los Feliz came out today. They had been coming out every Wednesday for the past few weeks, we have 2 weeks where no episodes will be coming out, but in 3 weeks we return with Episode 5. Anyway, I hope those of you have been watching the show have been enjoying it. This one, I believe, is our best one yet.

Here's one reason. While shooting a scene for Episode 4 I met my stunt double! You might be thinking, wait, I saw episodes 1-3 and this didn't seem to be a show that was going to ever have any crazy action! None that would require a stunt double! Well, it doesn't really. But in my first scene of the episode, which is with DK played by Wendy McColm, I was wearing this green and blue striped rugby shirt. A man's rugby shirt! Mind you! I know for a fact it was a man's shirt. This may seem pointless right now but it is IMPERATIVE that you know it was a man's rugby shirt! Well, after we finished shooting our scene at the La Brea Tar Pits (no one fell in, not anyone top billed or important anyway) we were on our way out and we happened to run into a 40 something LADY, presumably a mother, with the same exact fucking shirt on as me! This lady was wearing my manly ass shirt, the same day as me! Making me look like a total idiot and lady-man! I was so mad! Of course everyone else is laughing, and I'm pretty sure I took my shirt off at some point because I was so upset. I wasn't all that upset, I kept my cool long enough to do a surprise interview with her in the background, all about how she was my stunt double. I hope that makes it onto the DVD. But I just want to make sure everyone knows it was a man's shirt, and a dumb, manly lady apparently. I mean, why else would she do that? Maybe she heard I would be there and decided to embarrass me. I don't know. But after that I'm pretty sure everything I wore was in question, whether it was really a shirt or a blouse, whether it was from the lady's section, whether my skirt matched my shoes, etc. Oh everyone loved it!

That's why in my other scenes I'm wearing a necktie! A damn MAN'S clothing article! No one can get on my ass about that! No one's going to think twice about my manliness and the size of my.....wardrobe! But yeah the other scenes were fun to film as well. You'll have to check this episode out, tell us all about how manly everything I wear is, and what you thought of the episode in general. Oh also, if you want womanly, get this...every time we shoot DK's room we use Bernard's room. Guess it's good enough for a lady's room! (Sorry Bernard) Anyway, watch the episode and enjoy!

Episodes 1 - 4 Found Here!

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