Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Los Feliz Web Series Episode 2

Did you see Episode 1 of the new Web Series, Los Feliz? Well, if not I recommend it. Mainly because I'm in it. But also because I care about the well being of your Enjoyment Glands. Gotta keep those things exercised! And if you've seen Episode 1 already, then guess what! Episode 2 came out today! And I think you should watch that...for the same reasons as stated before.

If you watch it, you'll see that we filmed some of it at Griffith Park. The day we filmed there it was actually a difficult experience because it seemed like every 10 minutes a helicopter flew overhead. Also, I think the helicopters were flying in slow motion that day because they took forever-and-a-moment to clear out. A few people were getting worried we would get in trouble because we didn't have permission to film there, like maybe the helicopters would land next to us and yell at us for filming there. I was not as worried, but mainly because I had thrown my stash of illegal pistols, cocaine and alien DNA into the bushes at the first sight of helicopters. Illegal filming would be a first offense on my part, but I didn't need a second offense in any other areas, i.e. - possession of firearms, drugs, or "other-wordly" objects.

We later found out why all the helicopters were there that day. Anybody hear about the head found near the Hollywood sign? And the rest of the body parts that showed up one after another in surrounding areas? Yeah, that was all going on in that area while we were filming without us knowing. Damn, I realize now with bigger things such as Murder One and Body Kabobs on the Po-Po's minds, I probably could have kept all my other belongings and been completely fine. No searches performed. And I would currently have in my possession one Bad Ass, Drug-Dealing, Extra-Terrestrial under my command! But no biggie, I got this web series thing now. Wanna check it out, 12 minutes of your time.

Episode 2 Here!

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