Friday, May 11, 2012

26 Day Challenge: Breast Edition

Have you ever thought of how many different words we have for breasts? Have you ever wondered if you could go through the alphabet and come up with a name for each letter? I did! I completed my challenge, now I extend a challenge to all you men with girlfriends, fiances, wives, etc. Copy down this list. 26 options, right? Start at A and work your way down the list. Each day, refer to your significant others’ breasts as one of these. When successfully completed, you may cross it off your list and the next day, move on to the next word.

Now, what constitutes as successful? You must refer to them as the given name as sincerely as possible and you must also not be struck. As soon as you are slapped, smacked, hit, lose. Mark the letter you lost out on and that’s your grade. Let me know what you get! And if anyone manages to make it all the way through without any hits I’ll give you $5. What do you think of that? Oh also your girl can’t be in on it. I can’t imagine anyone getting past O. A is gonna be hard enough. Here’s the list...

Ant Hills
D Cups
Egg Cannons
Fun Bags
Ink Wells
King and Kong
Nipple Holders
Oingy Boingys
Perky Boulders
Quiet Mounds
Swell Glands
Umbrella Hangars
Va Va Vooms
Work Stoppers
X-ellent Pillows
Yum Yams

Oh and these are totally all legitimate names for breasts! Sort of...

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