Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blood City - Episode 1

Welcome to a city that never sleeps. Except between the hours of 10 P.M. & 6 A.M. And maybe even with an extension to 10 A.M. for those who have the luxury of sleeping in.

This is a city like any other. A city with doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and killers! A little heavy on the killers in fact! That’s why this city is named Blood City! Actually, the early settlers here were all blood related and they decided that would be a clever name back in 1886. But it works out just swell for all the killing that goes on here!

This story starts off like any other basic Italian Plumber Folklore. A princess has been kidnapped! And yes this civilized, modern society still has princesses! It’s no big deal!

One man contemplates the pros and cons of attempting to rescue this princess who comes from a wealthy family. Pro - Big cash reward. Con - Have to use that vacation time he’s worked so hard to accrue. That’s OK. He decides to do it anyway. Now, this fella, Zaron (typical modern name), is not necessarily a good guy. But he’s a guy trying to get that paper, dog!

He consults the local wizard/veterinarian for help. After getting the medicine for Coco’s bowel problems, he asks who might have kidnapped the princess. The wizard consults his Slinky Of Truth. He’s all like, “I don’t know but that Luke character was acting pretty suspicious around here the other day with his band of goons talking about trying to make a quick buck.”

It hits Zaron all at once like the weight hit Christina Aguilera. “Looking for a quick buck!” He exclaimed. “Of course! He kidnapped the princess and is holding her for ransom! I’m off to find that goon, Luke!”

To make matters real simple and quick, Luke was just outside the Wizard’s temple with his tabby cat ready for their routine teeth cleaning. Yeah, both of them. It’s one of those cheap family package deals. Luke was ready to fight. “I heard the whole thing. Looks like someone’s already onto my plan.”

Zaron stares him right back down. “If anyone is making money off Princess Una Mae, it will be I, Zaron! Best chiropractor south of Elm Street! Four years and running!” Killers got to make a living too.

They attack each other at the same time. Two well-matched opponents. Not that real life is like this, but if there were a basic 1-10 rating system that showed how good their skills are in areas that correlate to fighting, I’d say they’re both like Strength 7, Agility 9, Combo 5.

“You’re fighting style is quite good,” admitted Zaron. “But your defense is no match for my Poultry Punch!” Remember, Zaron just visited the Wizard. That gives you an automatic increase on your Special Bar.

Zaron winds up and delivers a blast!

The explosion is heard round the upper-class neighborhood. The uppity grandfolks tighten their leashes around their poodles and retreat to their Brownstones. The smoke settles.

I suppose that’s why it’s called the Poultry Punch. Luke got straight turned into a chicken! The painful way, I hear. Beak first. However, Zaron wanted to get some more information on the Princess’s whereabouts but he kind of screwed that up when he Avian-ed his opponent into a no-speaking-nugget-to-be. Oh well, time to track down the rest of Luke’s goons.

Find out what happens next Blood City!

Onome Tasker.......................Princess Una Mae
Mike Razon..........................Zaron
Kevin Hinman......................Wizard/Veterinarian
Stephen Avitabile.................Luke

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