Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Awesome Explosion Has Excellent Debris

Here are some rarely seen images. With captions. These are basically all real. So don’t even question the integrity of this post.

You got to learn when and when not to boast Rex.

Matt Damon is so helpful.

Looking for hip music and fingernail accessories in the same location? You must be at Wal Mart.

Matt Damon is so trusting.

Yeah, Roseanne is pretty gross. And has a horrible voice. At least Fran Drescher was pretty good-looking in her day.

Haha. He’s the blue one.

Someone tell the aliens Tim Allen can be seen in his PRIME on tbs every day from 12pm - 2pm. That’s 4 manly episodes in a row!

Not even Professor X can calm you down off a bloody butthole.

Yeah, what he said. That’s illegal. Double illegal if the kid walks in on you.

I knew it! She did only love Seal for his looks! Damn models are so superficial! And have such odd taste...

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