Monday, February 27, 2012

All Star Oscar Extravaganza

The Oscars was this past weekend! And so was All-Star Weekend! Man oh man! People winning tiny statue awards. Poorer people complaining about the winners. People dunking over everyone in the universe. Poorer people complaining Kevin Hart isn't that tall and who cares if anybody can jump over him. Ah, it was a fantastic weekend. Watching rich ass people show off. Making me feel under appreciated and like my wallet is a hungry, tiny pipsqueak. Best moment of the weekend was probably Chris Rock letting everyone know how easy line reading is. He saved the day, for real. And Bret McKenzie winning an award. One half of Flight of the Conchords has an Oscar. That's respectable. That would be the second best moment of the weekend. I got some other "Best Moments" but they're in picture form. Let's take a look.

For one person this won Most Intimate Dunk.

Loved this movie. I was as surprised as Kermit though I must say.

How long had they been planning this?

Oh Lord. They did it. Yuck.

Haha. The Gos. Killing it. Still haven't seen this one. I'll see it for that line though.

Ever watch this competition? It's like watching 3rd grade Rec League Wednesday night fast forward.

Poor poor Giant Hill. Maybe that's just the motivation he needed.

This works if he's wearing any jersey.

This movie was almost titled, "Wedding Crashers 2: I Guess We Weren't Made For Each Other"

Did you watch this guy? Eventually, he just didn't do a between the legs dunk. It was just off the backboard...and that was it...then he just dunked it. I'm 3 inches from being able to do that. If you did a dunk in the dunk contest that I can literally almost lose!

Emma of my crushes. Tyler of my enemies. Men clothes or women clothes. Doesn't matter. Though I guess there's a 75% chance of catching him in the latter.

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