Friday, December 9, 2011

The Kung Fu Hangover Panda 2

The Kung Fu Hangover Panda 2. That's right. Not The Kung Fu Hangover Panda 1. But 2. This Panda, who knows astounding Kung Fu, is a master of getting you over your hangover. Still! In the sequel he is now helping others with their hangover problems. In the first installment of this FANTASTIC movie, he helped The Pope and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith get over their massive hangovers with his special brand of Kung Fu. Now, the cases he's working consist of President Obama and Snoop Dogg. They not only have to be ready for their own respective duties later in the week (Presidential Announcement and Getting High) but they also have to perform together at a huge concert in Los Angeles! I know, same exact plot as the first one, but now it's different guys! So, the Panda uses hus Kung Fu to kick and punch the hangover out of them. It's like when you know all you need to do is drop one big dump to get over this hangover, but you can't make it happen. Panda's kicks and punches are basically metaphors for those poops and......poops!

So, yeah, how's that movie sound? It's going to make plenty of money, I just want it to be as entertaining as it possibly can be.

But to do real reviews on real movies. First up..."The Hangover Part II". Watched this in theaters at a midnight showing, which is always a great way to view a movie. The whole theater smelled of booze. It was pretty awesome. I had just gotten off work so I was sober. But it doesn't matter because this movie is funny drunk or not. I'll say I do like the first one better. It seems more original and more surprising and just better, but I didn't expect them to be able to make the sequel better. The first one was just too good. With a sequel like this, I think what most people should expect is for them to see how much crazier they can get. To do all the jokes they didn't get to do in the first one. And that's exactly what they did. Same basic plot, which is great. You want the same thing to happen. And they definitely made it crazier. I won't talk too in depth about the things I saw, because I don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet. But I will say this, I saw things I have never seen before and was pretty sure I never would. Before that movie, I'd say a good 88% of the U.S. population hadn't seen a particular thing that everyone knows exists in the world. And now that number is much lower. And I love it for that too. For giving me something I never wanted but never worried about getting. An eyeful of What The Fuck?! Good stuff. Zach, Bradley and Ed are still phenomenal in it. They play those characters real well. And Ken Jeong, well what can you say. Has that guy ever been in your line of sight and not made you laugh? Parts of him may be small but his funny bone is large. It may be his largest bone in fact. Anyway, that movie was exactly what I wanted. Something that made me laugh uncontrollably and say "Oh no" over and over again. Thank you Todd Phillips! Above I have provided a link in case you would like to buy the movie. What a nice guy I am!

And Kung Fu Panda 2! That movie was great too. I'll be honest, I didn't know what I was going to think about the first one. But I'm always up to see an animated movie. Especially with animals! Love animals! I have more children's animals books then most children. Or animals. But I saw it and loved it1 It was very well done. I was excited to see what they would do with the second one. I liked that they added more action and you get to see Po and the Five fight together which is really cool. The comedy took a little while to kick in I thought, but once it hit it stuck around and was top notch just like the first one. It's also very well written and you could tell they spent some time on it to make sure it left a lasting impression. And all the jokes about Po being fat make me giggle. So, you can see it appeals to the adult you are and the child in you. It looked really good too, as you obviously want an animated movie too. I hate poorly drawn (or animated or whatever) animation because whether it's funny or not I can't pay attention to anything other than it looks like garbage throwing up. And the voice work is great too. Jack Black and Seth Rogen and all the others from the first one are still great of course. But there were some new dogs as well. Gary Oldman, who apparently never sucks and always rocks! Danny McBride, I was quite pleased to learn he was in the mix. He makes everything better. He's like sugar. Or money. But all the voice actors did a great job. Oh and I assume they are doing a third one. Think I heard about it as well. Excited for that one! It's going to be like a classic Kung Fu trilogy! They do those right? Again, link above. Click it for the movie, it's out pretty soon.

Maybe before the sequels to both these movies come out I can come out with my sequel discussed in the first paragraph. I want it to be able to ride on the success of these movies so I'm thinking of casting some of the same actors. Bradley Cooper - boner. Angelina Jolie - straighter boner. Ken Jeong - little boner. And Lucy Liu - boner straight as a sword. Man, if that's the cast of my movie, along with Obama and the Big Snoopy D O Double G, and that's all on the poster, people are going to get the wrong idea! And some mixed signals! But that's OK, because it will attract lots of different people and just lots of people in general. Which is always the main goal when creating a sequel. Well, with my sequel it is. With the last two movies I discussed I believe their goal for each was "Be Hilarious" and they both succeeded!

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