Friday, November 11, 2011

The Extendable Fork

Ever been trying to eat something far away? And it’s proving to be quite difficult? Did you know that they make something to help your lazy ass? Extendable forks. Yes, they look like regular forks at first glance, but then a keen eye would notice that this fork can extend to a great length. No longer are you limited to what’s on your plate...but now the world is your plate! And other plates may as well be your plate!

Above is a link to this heaven-sent product. Pretty good deal I think. I actually bought one for my Dad as a birthday present. He always loved eating off of my plate during dinner. It was a big joke in our house. He used to put ketchup on my plate to dip his fries into. Saved room on his plate for more fries, I guess. But it was just something he always did. The person next to him at dinner was screwed if they planned on eating everything on their plate. So, I thought he’d like to be able to eat off everyone’s plate at the dinner table. So, I got him the best gift ever. But then it got me thinking...there must be a use for this extendable fork for more people than just my Dad. Who else would find a use for this lengthy tool?

People who eat in the car. Ever drop a quarter in between the seat and the door and try to fish that out for an hour? Imagine if you dropped a fry. Extendable fork to the rescue!

How about Ice Fishermen who have a taste for sushi? No need fishing out the fish and cooking it and serving it up. Extendable fork right down that fishing hole and pop it in your mouth. I hear the spicy tuna is a little mild, mainly due to the ice, but still delicious.

Inmates. Is the guy in the cell across from you refusing to eat the slop? Wait until the guards walk away and then sneak that extendable fork through the bars and stab Monday’s Mystery Meat. Second helping!

People about to eat steak and only have an extendable knife.

Andre The Giant. It’s a long way down to that table he sits at.

Astronauts. Food floating around the shuttle, zooming away from you as if it were still alive? Problem solved with the extendable fork! Outer space friendly!

And basically anyone who wants the coolest utensil ever. Be careful washing it. I don’t know if it goes in the dishwasher...especially if your dishwasher isn’t three stories tall.

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