Monday, October 3, 2011

Toilet Humor

The term “Toilet Humor” is often used with negative connotations. Usually to describe a brand of comedy that is so simple, so unintelligent, that there is no thinking involved in order to get the joke. It’s as simple as one, poo, pee. All fart jokes and poop jokes and what not. And I get that people think it’s obnoxious and immature, and I agree that ONLY that humor can get old real fast. But I’m going to tell you something else...I cannot think of a day in my life where I will stop finding farts funny.

They will always make me laugh. Someone having a weird sounding one out of nowhere. One that is so loud it interrupts a conversation. One that comes during the dramatic pause of a movie after the bad guy has just admitted that he did kill the protagonist’s friend. There’s just so many different types, it’s amazing. And I’ll always get a kick out of poop stories. Things found in the toilet. Things that you would expect to find in the toilet yet you found them elsewhere.

Let’s take a look here. This is a ton of bird shit. Holy bird shit, that’s a lot! Where did this van park? It must have resided underneath a tree holding a large family of birds. But did the birds all just eat a Taco Bell Thanksgiving feast? Look at it! It’s coated! It’s as if it got a new paint job. I often see a white van and compare it to a public toilet but these birds took it to the next step. I’m just glad I saw this before this guy went through a car wash. However, you’ll notice it seems dried onto his van. Maybe it’s been there awhile and he has no intentions of removing it. It’s going to make it a hell of a lot harder to abduct children when your white van can now literally be described over police scanners as “real shitty”. The picture above makes me laugh so much, and I really just want to share this “Toilet Humor” with others because I think it will make them laugh too.

Here’s another picture, I took this one at a bar. Went in the bathroom to take a pee, and looky what I found in this toilet. A fifth of vodka I believe it is. Empty. Someone either finished that thing off and quickly discarded of the evidence quite intelligently (because it will flush away, right?) Or that’s the weirdest looking dump I’ve ever seen dropped. “What did you eat?” “An entire bottle of vodka. Oh also my digestive system is shit.” This image right here gives the “Bathtub Gin” people a little scare I bet. “Fuck! We finally have competition in our weird subcategory of alcohol sales! Now what do we do?!” Toilet Vodka or Bathtub Gin? Which are you choosing? It probably sounds like it’s still an easy choice for most but I’ll be honest, I absolutely hate gin. So, it makes it a little tougher for me. But back to the subject, come on! You can’t tell me this isn’t funny. Finding an empty fifth of alcohol in a public toilet. You know I’m taking a picture of this and sharing it with my friends.

I guess my point is that not all “Toilet Humor” is bad and in smaller doses it has it’s place in society. I think it’s great we have this type of humor. It gives us variety, one more type of comedy to add to the list, which in turn helps all types of comedy. The more types there are, the more rare each type is. Thus, making them more enjoyable when encountered. That’s my theory anyway. Maybe you disagree, maybe everyone disagrees. But I don’t care. Poop. It’s funny. To me. And have you ever heard someone fart so loud it just sounds like, “Wow, how did they not crap their pants?” That’s the best. Because that turns into laughing at the expense of someone else’s misfortune. And that’s something we can all relate to.

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