Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shady Web Sites

I got myself a beef with a specific networking site! I’m probably going to be saying some mean things, so to avoid getting charged with slander, I won’t use the site’s name. I’ll tell you it isn’t called Attachedinto and it isn’t called Snappedon. It is a site that is supposed to be used for networking, on the work tip. And it is available for free use. However, if you want to send someone a message, Oh! Now, you got to pay a flat rate for the month. 25 bucks! But don’t worry, it’s just the one time. Or so you think.

Yeah, turns out I was paying that 25 dollar flat rate for each month, even though I only wanted it for one month. Jerks! Being all sneaky and dirty about it. There was the option of paying monthly, and the option of paying for one month. Apparently you pay for one month...every month. Assholes. That’s a dirty trick. And here’s the worst part. I wanted to send one message to someone inquiring about a job opportunity. One message! With the lousy pachage I purchased for a low low price of 25 bucks and then some I received some benefits, like three messages I was allowed to send out. Three?! I know networking sites that allow me to send free unlimited messages to people. And they have sweet games I can play too. What the hell is the deal with this site?

So, I send the message to this girl, inquiring about the job. She never responds. Great. I spent 25 bucks to try to talk to a girl only to be ignored. You know, I can make all that happen on my own time in real life for free. I can even head to a club, pay the 10 dollar cover charge, buy a cranberry vodka for 9 dollars, wander up to a girl, drop a line on her and watch her ignore me while walking away and that’s still cheaper than this shit. And I got a watered down shitty drink out of it. If getting overcharged and shot down in an embarrassing public setting is better than an experience on your site, than your site has a problem. Don’t worry, I cancelled my account. However, they hide the “Cancel Your Account” section real well. As most sites do I’m sure. Especially when they’re secretly charging you. They hide it under like 5 different sections.

Oh! And then I got an email saying my account was in the process of being closed. The process? Just close the damn thing! Oh no, because I have a premium account it’s going to take 24 hours. Why? That doesn’t matter. Just stop it! Stop allowing me on there and stop the whole damn thing! That’s the easiest thing in the world! To just stop doing something. And I never asked for a premium account. And nice “Premium” account. Premium = 3 free messages. Wow! What’s deluxe? 5 messages and I’m allowed to change my background to any of the dazzling primary colors?

I never used this site for anything other than a 25 dollar message and becoming friends with friends I was already friends with in 3 different mediums. I need to be friends with them here too? No. I never talked to them on this site. I wasn’t allowed to unless I paid a price probably. I don’t miss it. I don’t need it. I got a better site. It’s not focused on being professional. But neither am I. And I can probably get more job opportunities on it anyway. I won’t mention the name of this site. As it is a competitor I believe. I’ll tell you it isn’t Headmagazine. Or Nogginpamphlet. But it did have it’s own movie, featuring the star of “Adventure Land” and “Zombie Land”. Yes. That’s right. Cranium Newspaper Land.

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