Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Results of Week 1 Football 2011

As many people are well aware, the first week of football just passed for this year. It was amazing, as always. Lots of great football action, a few close games and even a few upsets. Week 1 is always exciting because you never know how it will turn out. Know what else is really exciting? When you do what I do. Imagine the team names actually fighting each other. So, for instance, the Giants VS. The Redskins was one of the matchups. As that was going on I was imagining a giant man fighting against a man with red skin. Or racistly, a Native American. Sorry, that’s how it goes. A lot of racist sports team names. But it makes it so much more exciting! Giant man VS. Native American. Epic battle. Somehow the Native American managed to take down a giant man all on his own. Quite astounding. So, I decided I would illustrate for everyone my favorite matchups for week 1. I also illustrate how the matchups resulted.

My first one I did here was the matchup between the Panthers and the Cardinals. This is how this one my head. The Cardinals managed to rip out the eyeballs of the Panthers. And as we all know, once you rip out your opponents eyeballs, you have won the fight. Now, they can’t see anything, so it’s easy for you to crush them! So, that’s what happened here.

This next one is based on the matchup between the Bills and the Chiefs. Ah, how the tables have turned! For many years, the Native Americans shot and killed many Buffalo and then used their bodies for food and clothing. They drove many an arrow into many a buffalo heart. And now a buffalo has grabbed hold of a bow and some arrows and has shot the arrows straight through the red man’s heart! It looks like he’s even lining another arrow up just for the hell of it! He is ready to demolish this man. And that is just what happened. The Bills demolished the Chiefs!

This last one is my illustration for the Sunday night game. The Jets VS. The Cowboys. Here we see a cowboy hanging onto the missile on the bottom of a jet. He is holding on for dear life. Yet, the driver of the jet has already launched the missile. So, this cowboy is going for a ride! It also appears that the driver of the jet has cunningly aimed this missile directly at an enemy jet full of lots of other cowboys on the other side of that building in the distance! Luckily, the top floor of that building isn’t finished yet, that missile is going to fly right through that open area and hit the enemy jet and kill all the cowboys! This is quite reminiscent of “True Lies” I think. And so was that game, watching it. Lots of “True Lies” nuances being dropped everywhere. An Arnold classic. Remastered. Only you forgot the best scene. The scene where he smashes the dogs heads together! “You’re fired!”

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