Friday, August 19, 2011

Paul Walker Acting Academy

At the Paul Walker Acting Academy we show you the basics of acting via Paul Walker’s amazing skills. The most important part of acting is facial expressions. You could have absolutely no lines in a scene but you still need to portray an emotion. Having the right facial expression can make a scene all the better. Don’t worry about delivering lines. Not important! Think face. Face face face face. Keep it expressive. Let’s go over the basics.


See how happy he looks here? This is a perfect example of Paul Walker emoting joy. Look at the bright yellow background. So bright and joyous, yellow just screams happy excitement!


Awww, why so sad Paul? Those pale blue eyes don’t look like they have nothing going on behind them. They look like they have sad thoughts. Holding back the tears. The blue background really makes me feel sullen too. It’s a calming yet sort of depressing color. Sad face. Nailed it!


Whoa! What did I do? Why you mean muggin? Why you grillin me? Are you angry at me because I murdered your entire family? That’s what it seems like. This red background is really bringing out your raw anger. At this point if you have not noticed, it is actually not too important what face you make. Really it’s just your surroundings. The right background color will help bring out the right emotion. Music has the same effect. Work on your face, but don’t worry too much. The people on set and behind the scenes will do a great job making you angry, sad, happy, what have you.


Wow! Look at this jealous man! Green with envy, Paul. What do you have to be jealous of? You got the money, the fantastic movie career, the expressive face.....well you got at least one of those things.


I will be honest, I was not even sure Paul Walker knew the meaning of this word. But look at him. Showing true sadism. Black background, evil! You maniac! You look like you’re ready to kill a puppy just to watch it whimper it’s last breath. The face says it all!

Now this next one is interesting.

Paul Walker was presented with the opportunity to star in a gay romance movie about two train conductors who meet and fall in love with each other. It’s hard for them to admit their love to the world due to the fact they live in the hard knock world of train conducting. It’s “Brokeback Mountain” meets “Unstoppable”. It’s called “Stop, You’re Going To Break My Back”. Now, Paul Walker realizes for this role he needs to emote...


Oh my sweetness! 100%. Perfection! He’s got the stare, that sense of romantical urgency. And he’s got the gayness. Notice how it’s completely different from all the other images where he seems really straight. I mean, you look at all the other images and he looks like he is fantasizing about women. Like he’s miles away, not even in his own body. Day dreaming, in another world. But here. Nope. Fantasizing about men.

Well done Paul. Thanks for the tutorial. We love you. And we love your skills! They’re plentiful!

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  1. BAHAHAHAH Love his Gay face. He nailed that one!