Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transformers, Dude!

The new “Transformers” movie is coming out! There’s been a lot of buzz about this one, both good and bad. Every time one of these movies comes out there’s the negative buzz though. And for this type of movie, it doesn’t make much sense to me. I get people want to appear smart and show off their knowledge of how “great movies” are supposed to be but sometimes you got to let that go. Sometimes you just got to forget about the character arcs and relationships between them and the subtext in the dialogue and the plot and just tell me if you liked all the huge explosions.

I wasn’t ever a huge “Transformers” kid. I think I was a little young when the show was on, but I think I remember my older brothers watching it. I definitely know the basics, cars turning into giant fighting robots and back again. Very cool. These things are from space or something though, right? And how did they know what kind of transportation we have on planet Earth to model themselves after? I’m not sure of that but I’m not going to knit pick. I’m just thankful the Autobots didn’t take a look at our planet when the horse and buggy was popular. Or when the rickshaw was getting off to a running start (Get it?). Probably wouldn’t have provided for the best action movie.

Anyway, getting back to my point; this TV show was about cars turning into robots. Little kids saw this and thought, “This is the coolest thing ever”. Know what they weren’t thinking? “I wish there were more to the relationship between the boy and his car-robot. There isn’t anything creating tension between the two. Their personalities aren’t different enough to create conflict.” They’re goddamn kids! They want to know when the next explosion happens and how much shit is getting fucked up! They probably wouldn’t use those words or else they’d get spanked or put in the corner, but that emotion is there.

They decided to make these movies for all of America to see. But really, when all of America goes to see them, I think they need to watch it as a little kid. Forget about what you learned in “Save The Cat” or in all your screen writing classes. Just watch the damn movie and tell me if it was enjoyable or not. I mean, I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about screen writing. I know a good amount and try to apply it to my writing. But in all honesty, if I were writing a “Transformers” movie I wouldn’t pay much attention to all that. I’d go back to the age of seven and ask myself, “What did I always want to see in movies?” And that’s what they’re doing! And doing it well! I am in no way insulting them or being sarcastic either. I just hope everyone on this movie didn’t take it too seriously.

When I watched the last two movies, I turned back into a little kid. I didn’t tell myself to do this beforehand. It just happened. It happens with those types of movies. And it makes them more enjoyable. It puts you in the optimal viewing state. It’s like how some movies are just better viewed in 3-D (This movie could also be one of those). When I watch “True Lies” or “Eraser” or “Commando” or most things with Arnold, I have a great time. I laugh and I “ooh” and “ahh” because it’s an enjoyable experience. I don’t dissect the dialogue for subtext. I laugh at it because at one point when Arnold kicks a guy off a cliff I’m pretty sure he yells, “Eggs!” But even when you turn the subtitles on nothing comes up at that part so we’ll never be sure what he says. “Transformers” fits into the same genre as those movies, for me. It is something I will pay money to watch and will not be disappointed when the end credits roll because I will have had a good time. I will have seen some cool stuff, my mind will have been taken for a roller coaster ride, I will have laughed a whole bunch, and I know when I go into school Monday morning I get to laugh at all the kids who’s parents didn’t take them to see it.


  1. this couldn't be any more closer to the truth. I can't stand when people nit pick at movies like Transformers. Look at all the CGI in the movie, look how realistic it appears, I don't care if the plot sucks or there is no character conflict, I enjoy the creativity of the whole thing. Giant robots kicking ass and then turning into drive-able cars, come on! that's genius! And I can't stand when people say "it looks so fake, they suck at CGI" Sorry that they didn't have a budget to build actual steel robots that turn into cars and can blow shit up. Sorry that they can't actually tear down buildings in New York city. I totally agree that you need to be in the right mind set to see movies like this. Age 7 is perfect for this particular movie. You see all the booms and fire and explosions and get excited. Or hell even in Toy Story, you don't look at that and dissect it, you turn back to when you were that little boy (or girl) and had toys you loved and wish could talk! I say for every person that bad mouths a movie solely on the fact that they can't get the right mind set should be slapped.


  2. Haha thank you for the support! When are you seeing the movie? I'm waiting until I've pre-gamed with "Commando".

  3. Joshua Jeremy has taken over this blog! I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually Steve logging in under a different username!

  4. Hahaha no it's Josh. Lessard. And he will probably comment on everything I post. He has so far. Though he's not obligated to. Josh you're not obligated to. But I love that you always are hahaha.

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  6. Hahaha yes of course you can do that! I'd love that! I encourage all to spread the word if they like. And I like that you changed your name to Chief Marketing Officer to do so. Strictly classy, all the way.

  7. hahaha I could see how Benny would think that, but no I comment on all of them not because Steve has me tied to a chair and I cannot leave until I post a comment but because I am always at my computer, and with the different time zones I usually comment right after he post something hahah.

    Yes spread the word! I posted a link on my Facebook as well. Lets get this boy into the triple digit followers!