Sunday, June 26, 2011

No! I'm The Rom Com Queen, Bitch!

So, when you think of Romantic Comedies, which actresses pop into your head? For me it’s Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson. To me, those are the two most prominent. Then, I thought, which of these two is the most prominent? Which one is the Rom Com Queen?

I originally wanted to have the two fight over the title but it turns out one of them was unavailable on such short notice. So, I thought I’d break it down as best I could without both of them being present.
OK, so to start, they both starred with many amazing actors. To name a few, Jennifer Aniston has starred with Ben Stiller, Jason Bateman, Vince Vaughn, and my favorite of her co-stars, Paul Rudd. That’s a big plus. That guy kicks ass cheeks! Kate Hudson has starred with Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, Matthew McConaughey, and Matthew McConaughey. I’m noticing a theme. Kate doesn’t seem to like to break out of the box too much. Sticking primarily with Wilsons and McConaugheys. I’m going to give the point to Aniston for this round, variety is key in this business.

Now, a litte round of, where do they come from? Jennifer Aniston’s parents are John Aniston and Nancy Dow. Kate Hudson’s are Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson however she was mainly raised by Hawn and her long time partner, Kurt Russel. Kate your parents made “The Out-of-Towners”, “Tango & Cash” and “Big Trouble In Little China”. Jen your parents.....who are they again? Your dad’s been starring in “Days of Our Lives” since my birth year? Sorry, not as impressive. Kate, your royal family of acting geniuses help you take this round. But, you can’t ride their coat tails throughout this entire intense and respectable competition.

We’re tied 1-1. Lightning round! Jen, have you been naked in a movie? Yes, “The Good Girl”. Kate, have you been naked in a movie? Yes, “Almost Famous”. Which one was better? “Almost Famous”, easier to freeze frame on. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.....not even on my own blog. 1-2 Big points in the rom com genre, starring alongside a cute animal. Either of you ever do that? Jen - For an entire movie, “Marley And Me”. The dog even took top billing. 2-2. Who has the better voice? With voice acting in “King of the Hill”, “South Park”, and the critically acclaimed “Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Chair The Video Game” (the what?) I’m going to have to pick Aniston here. 3-2. Who’s better at sports? Well, you’ve dated both Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez, so Hudson, you win here. 3-3.

Still tied after the lightning round. OK, we need a tie breaker. Let’s settle this once and for all. Who is the Rom Com Queen? The tie breaker question is, Which one of you was actually willing to physically fight for the title? And which one of you was “unavailable” with this so-called “paying job”? Well, the answer is that Jennifer Aniston was willing to fight for the title. She knows the importance of the Rom Com Queen title and was going to fight for it. Kate Hudson, apparently had more important work to take care of. I looked on I believe it’s called Lovelace. Hope they pay well.

Jen, congratulations. Hold on to that title tight. Never let go. And remember, this was just the competitor I put you up against this time. If anyone else has any ideas for who should “woMAN” up against you...I’ll put them to the test!


  1. That was a nail biter! I had a feeling though Jen would win. Now I have one actress that hasn't been in the typical Romantic Comedies, except for one, but her other movies usually end with her falling in love with someone. Natalie Portman. The Romantic Comedy I am referring to is No Strings Attached. And an example of a Non Romantic Comedy but still falls in love with the guy is Thor. Now that movie is definitely an action flick but it does have some comedy and some romance. So thus I brought it up. Feel free to say I am wrong on that though. Now her Romantic Comedy No Strings Attached, is definitely a good one, beats all the romantic comedies for the main fact that it appeals to the male audience. A movie about two people having sex all the time with "No Strings Attached" Epic.


  2. That's true. Then, of course you have "Friends With Benefits" coming out (seemingly same premise) with Mila Kunis. Plus Mila and Natalie were just in Black Swan together. So, there's some weird connections there. Maybe those two are both scratching and fighting each other for a shot at Queen Jen.

  3. Just remember that if you aren't in New Year's Eve, you're a shitty actor.

  4. Yet you've still probably made a shitty decision.