Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bird Call

Did you hear they selected a new voice for the Aflac Duck? In April. Yeah, I'm talking about it now. It was this sales manager in Minnesota. I say good for him landing the job, but I'm a little afraid the wrong choice was made. 
So, Gilbert Gottfried made some distasteful comments about the tsunamis in Japan. And yes he should get fired. But the reason he worked as the voice was because he had experience voicing a bird. Remember Iago in Aladdin? That's right, Gottfried was made to be a bird. Even the beady eyes scream bird. So, shouldn't we be looking for another actor with experience being a bird? 
How about Geoffrey Rush? Nigel in "Finding Nemo". Great bird acting. And he was nominated for best supporting actor for "The King's Speech". That's a high accolade. And how about his part
in all the "Pirates" movies? The man knows how to help carry a franchise, I'm sure he could help carry Aflac. 
Also, there's Zach Braff. Voice of Chicken Little. There's a loveable character. And who doesn't love that guy on "Scrubs"? No doubt in my mind he could voice the Aflac Duck. 
Before the decision to pick a Minneapolis sales manager of who knows what, there was talk of them getting Fran Drescher. Now, I don't know about her being a bird but I do know about her sounding like she could be Gilbert Gottfried's twin sister. 
However, Fran is busy with a new show, "Happily Divorced". A show about a woman who divorces her husband when he comes out of the closet - based on her own life. What? Maxwell Sheffield is gay? I mean, I'll admit, I watched enough of "The Nanny" to know he was a director of plays but I never chalked it up to "That" stereotype. Just to the stereotype of, "Well, he's British". 
Whatever, he's a silver fox. I'm sure he'll do fine. And I'm sure Daniel McKeague, Minneapolis, Minnesota sales manager will do fine as well. And who knows? Maybe he'll voice Daffy Duck in "Space Jam 2" and prove all my doubts to be unnecessary.


  1. I agree 100%! Some Joe Schmoe off the street can't have a great bird voice like someone with experience. Zach Braff would be my top choice. Maybe the Aflac Duck can have flashbacks like Zach does on Scrubs. It'd be entertaining! But who knows about the sales manager. Maybe he was in a lot of high school plays and only played the part of a talking bird.

    And also I would like to add... BOOM 1st Comment!

  2. You are the first comment...ever. If I had money you would win the 1st place giveaway prize.
    And if this new guy starts talking trash about Japan in any way, I'm grabbing some Crayolas and starting on my Zach Braff posters IMMEDIATELY.

  3. How about a shiny new penny? That'll suffice for now.
    Yes the second he makes one comment about Japan or any other matter other than Insurance then I will start Mass producing Zach Braff posters!

  4. Alright finally able to post here- I just think it this situation was funny because Aflac is Japan's largest insurer- if his comments had occurred with say, Turkmenistan, no one would've said anything except for some human rights groups. What are you going to do, stick up for the Turkmen, as they are called, when you have no idea where it is on the map? 'How dare you say that about our Turkmen?!' No, it was just a poor geographical choice for Gottfried's career. I suppose slightly inappropriate and unethical as well

  5. Yeah, Gottfried needs to make better choices. Like single out Turkmenistan instead like you pointed out. Or just go and do Aladdin 4 already. We've been waiting long enough, haven't we?